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    New from Instinkt, Audio Habitat & Kryptomedic on AutomAte Tech!

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    New from Instinkt, Audio Habitat & Kryptomedic on AutomAte Tech!

    Message par deficitlondon le Lun 20 Juin - 16:56

    Inseparable German duo Rune & Kaiza, aka Instinkt, deliver a trademark solo effort backed with a collaboration with fellow countrymen Audio Habitat and hot-right-now MC Kryptomedic.

    Buy the tunes here ->

    Kabuki is the more rolling of the two. A precise, robotic technoid groove bringing to mind an android army marching heads-down into a black hole. There is no escape from the hypnotic rhythm as we are pulled over the event horizon.

    Gasket features a veritable German dream-team with the combined musical talents of Instinkt & Audio Habitat and the vocal prowess of Eatbrain’s MC Kryptomedic. Snarling basses and full-bodied drums underpin Krypto’s relentless social commentary.

    For more information or a press pack, contact
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