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    Genom - Dodeskaden Vol. 4 (From Poland With Love)

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    Genom - Dodeskaden Vol. 4 (From Poland With Love) Empty Genom - Dodeskaden Vol. 4 (From Poland With Love)

    Message par genom audio le Mar 14 Avr - 19:41

    Genom - Dodeskaden Vol. 4 (From Poland With Love)

    Genom - Dodeskaden Vol. 4 (From Poland With Love) Dodeskaden04_512



    This is the fourth part of the Dodeskaden mix series.
    This time it contains tracks made only by Polish producers.
    At the same time this mix is our contribution to Polish drum and bass scene that grew up very fast through the last few years.
    As usual we decided to mix up tunes from the whole spectrum of drum and bass.
    So don't be surprised when you hear hard & techy dark roller after the atmospheric, liquid funk.

    Title: Dodeskaden Vol. 4 (From Poland With Love)
    Mixed & Recorded: Genom
    Genre: Drum & Bass
    Length: 78m 11s
    Weight: 188 MB
    File Format: MP3 320 kbps
    Release Year: 2015

    MixCloud Play: MixCloud Listen

    01. Reza - David Can Still Beat Goliath [CX Digital]                        
    02. Handra - Stay Away [Addictive Behaviour]                                
    03. Genom - Elfin Look [Genom Audio]                                        
    04. Ravager - On Your Side [Influenza Media]                                
    05. Mortem - Iceberg [Metalheadz]                                            
    06. RazorPoint - Poison Kisses [Drone Audio]                                
    07. Sundial Aeon - Wolfsberg (Sonic Saturation Remix) [Impact Studio]        
    08. Cls & Wax - Feeling Good [Fokuz Recordings]                              
    09. Oxy.Gen - Czemu Gdy (Simba Remix) [Uprising]                            
    10. Genom (Feat. Abuse & Azbest) - Fresh Air [Substance Recordings]          
    11. Sabbia Feat. Sqbass - By The Sea [Addiction Digital]                    
    12. Radicall Feat. K-Tee - Anymore (Remix) [Covert Operations]              
    13. Satl - Lost Memories [Think Deep Recordings]                            
    14. Skeletone - Rainy [Think Deep Recordings]                                
    15. In-Deed - Shoulder Tap [Addiction Digital]                              
    16. Silence Groove Feat. Lameduza - Wake Me Up [Offworld Recordings]        
    17. Xilent - Twisted [Audioporn]                                            
    18. Genom - 1.2k [Genom Audio]                                              
    19. Dethria - Midnight Pursuit [Cymbalism Recordings]                        
    20. Yabol The Mechapriest - The Big Bang [T3K Recordings]                    
    21. Soccom - Magog [Substance Recordings]                                    
    22. Effect - Alma Mater [T3K]                                                
    23. Structural & Dronehead - Dead Space [Equinox Recordings]                
    24. Voima - Epiprocta [Deep Field Audio]                                    
    25. Subformat - Backyard Tantrum [Disturbed Recordings]                      
    26. Blah - Face To Face [Mindtech Recordings]                                
    27. Whitehouse & Fokus - Nigdy Się Nie Poddawaj (Genom Remix) [Genom Audio]  
    28. Brainpain & Sths - The Fear [ION Recordings]                            
    29. Tom Encore - Ghetto Child [Uplink Audio]                                
    30. I:Gor - Total Confusion [PRSPCT Recordings]                              
    31. Pylon - Kielecki [Perkussiv]                                            
    32. Iron - Look Closer [Union]                                              
    33. Genom - Oni (Vocal Reprise) [Soultropia]                                
    34. Switch Technique - The Storyteller [Union]                              

    genom audio
    genom audio
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