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    New single from Fuj - Out Today on AutomAte Deep!

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    New single from Fuj - Out Today on AutomAte Deep! Empty New single from Fuj - Out Today on AutomAte Deep!

    Message par deficitlondon le Lun 19 Jan - 18:24

    New single from Fuj - Out Today on AutomAte Deep! AM8D007-release-art-250px

    Japanese-Laotian-Australian artist Fuj kicks of 2015 in much the same fashion as 2014 – with a hotly anticipated solo single on AutomAte Deep! With such a cultural crossover building up his personal influences, there's something uniquely diverse about Fuj's productions. Clean and crisp on first glance, peer deeper into the abyss and intricate soundscapes appear from below the surface.

    Buy the tunes here ->


    Talus Nights weaves a thick electric sunset; effortless, dream-like atmosphere punctured only by the occasional rip of a sublimely filtered synthesizer before disappearing over the horizon. Aphotic Zone picks up the pace a little with busy, skittish percussive touches and a trippy, cerebral vibe that manages to inspire thought and energy in equal measure.

    For more information or a press pack, contact
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