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    IM:Ltd 1203 - Mortem - 'Stratos/Synchronicity/Stratos (Stunna remix)' - OUT NOW !

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    IM:Ltd 1203 - Mortem - 'Stratos/Synchronicity/Stratos (Stunna remix)' - OUT NOW ! Empty IM:Ltd 1203 - Mortem - 'Stratos/Synchronicity/Stratos (Stunna remix)' - OUT NOW !

    Message par explorationmusic le Jeu 23 Juin - 21:19

    IM:Ltd 1203 - Mortem - 'Stratos/Synchronicity/Stratos (Stunna remix)' - OUT NOW ! 5853875495_2696271b23_b

    Artist : Mortem

    A1 : Stratos

    A2 : Synchronicity

    B : Stratos (Stunna remix)

    Label : IM:Ltd

    Cat Ref : IMLTD1203

    For its third vinyl release, IM:Ltd , the French based label, is proud to bring you the first 12” from homegrown artist Mortem.

    Only aged 21, the polish teenage wonder has been quick to set a reputation for his name and producer skills as proven by the success of his previous digital releases on IM:Ltd.

    As a matter of fact, just check ‘Stratos’, a heavyweight piece of minimal drum & bass that instantaneously grabbed the favors of serious players such as Sabre, Data or Loxy.

    Urban landscape and blissful synths, ‘Synchronicity’ is a subtle ambient track that will give you more sweat than a Brooklyn summer heatwave.

    Finally on the flip, Chicago dnb master Stunna delivers an uplifting remix of ‘Stratos’, giving a perfect counterpoint to the original with a more classic dancefloor twist.

    DJ Support: Doc Scott, DJ Lee, Sabre, Data and many more.

    Listen to the tunes on the IM:Ltd soundcloud :

    Available on vinyl June 20.

    Order from Triple Vision:

    Order from Juno Records:

    Order from Chemical Records:

    Available on digital June 27.

    Order from Juno Downloads:

    Beatport link soon ...

    IM:Ltd 1203 - Mortem - 'Stratos/Synchronicity/Stratos (Stunna remix)' - OUT NOW ! Imltd_jpg_90x90_crop-_q85

    Don't forget to log on Stunna's Greenroom weekly show on to hear the latest dub from the IM:Ltd fam.

    More infos @
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