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    Baseck - Gameboy Thrashin' Turntable Bangin'

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    Baseck - Gameboy Thrashin' Turntable Bangin' Empty Baseck - Gameboy Thrashin' Turntable Bangin'

    Message par sosimple le Lun 28 Mar - 0:27


    Here's a 31min mix from Baseck of 8 original tracks, composed on 2 gameboys (using the bootleg music sequencer Little Sound DJ) plus deranged vocals & razor sharp scratching.

    Baseck - Gameboy Thrashin' Turntable Bangin' Baseckmixart10x10

    Direct MP3 Link:

    Track Listing:

    All Banged Up
    Thrash Dance
    Remain in the Muck
    Hooptie Rollin’

    Duration 31min

    And… here is a little info about Baseck if you don’t know his music…

    Baseck is a unique hyperactive live performer who combines precision turntablism, demonic vocals and vicious dance floor gameboy beats. His style seamlessly incorporates elements from drum & bass, gangster rap, harsh noise, death metal, and the dirtiest of dance music all with a battle style attitude cultivated in his hometown of Los Angeles California. His innovative style caught the attention of industrial pioneer Cevin Key of Skinny Puppy who released his album "Creatures" on Subconscious Communications. No new comer to the experimental music scene, Baseck's been inspiring audiences all over Mexico, The United States, Europe, and Japan since the mid 90's. He has toured with Otto Von Schirach, Doormouse, Xanopticon, Christoph Fringeli and Cevin Key. As well as being booked with Venetian Snares, Autechre, The Scientist, Bong-Ra, Technical Itch, Bogdan Raczynski, Daedelus, Dj Scud, Chris Clark, Current Value, Mark N, Kurtis Blow and Skinny Puppy. This is Gameboy Thrashin' Turntable Bangin' at it's finest.

    Baseck is currently residing in Berlin and accepting European bookings.
    Contact: booking [at]

    Masculin Nombre de messages : 1
    Age : 52
    Date d'inscription : 28/03/2011

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